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Other uses for Alkaline Ionised Water

Cooking & Food Preparation
Ionized alkaline water naturally enhances the flavors of food, so you won’t need to use as much butter and seasonings. Try soaking your meat or fish in ionized alkaline water before cooking to tenderize and kill bacteria. It makes rice fluffier and soups and stews tastier. It also boils water faster, cutting cooking time by about 25%.




Beverage Preparation
You only need half the amount of tea leaves and coffee beans to prepare those popular beverages when brewing with Chanson ionized alkaline water. Not only that but the ionization pulls the flavor out so effectively that you don’t even need to heat the water to brew tea! Coffees and teas will taste richer also. Try mixing with alcohol or your favorite juice to offset their natural acidity. You can even make ice cubes with ionized alkaline water which may help prevent hangovers when added to alcoholic drinks.



fresh-fruits water
Unfiltered tap water should never be used to wash produce as the chlorine used to treat the water is easily absorbed into fruits and vegetables. We recommend a ten minute soak in 8-8.5 pH ionized alkaline water, as anything stronger than that will decrease the ORP level of the produce to be lower than that which is found in nature. The flavor and shelf life of your produce will also improve.

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