Tips and Recipes for a Healthy Ramadaan

Tips and Recipes for a Healthy Ramadaan


Ever wonder why you put on weight during Ramadaan when other people have said that they have lost weight? Have you ever gotten off the Iftaar table and felt stuffed and sluggish after have 2-3 different types of savories followed by a full meal of rice and curry?

We fast the whole day without food or drink and then give our bodies an overload of calories that puts our bodies into shock as it does not know when it’s going to get food again, it affects our body’s metabolism, thus increasing the risk of weight gain. So, the body stores the food as fat and then we wonder why our waste line is expanding.

The average male needs between 2500 and 3000 calories, whilst the average women need between 1500 – 2000 calories per day. So, if you consuming 2 samosas, pies and a spring rolls when you break you fast, guess how many calories that is? Let’s break this down by looking at how many calories are in the following savories:

SavoryAverage calories per 100g (+/- 2 items) serving
Samoosa150 1
Pie297 2
Spring roll103 3

This Pre-meal snack alone is over 500 calories. Then you still have a full meal and cold drinks/ juice and some dessert… Do you think that’s below the daily recommended rate for one meal??

In order to help you look after your health and waistline this Ramadaan, we at Restore Health would like to share some tips on how to stay healthy and have enough energy to get you through the month. God willing!