South Africa ranked LAST on the list of healthy nations

The average South African diets include “deep fried”, generically modified maize (pap), hormone injected meat and chicken as well as pesticides that are used on fruit and vegetable production.  In addition to fast and convenient food outlets,  in almost every suburb or town across this rainbow nation… Should we be surprised at this recent report?

The report profiles over 150 countries and although South Africa ranked 43 in the innovation race, we came dead last in the health sector.

The Indigo Wellness Index focuses on ten key metrics:

  • blood pressure,
  • blood glucose,
  • obesity,
  • depression,
  • happiness,
  • alcohol use,
  • tobacco use,
  • exercise,
  • healthy life expectancy, and
  • government spending on healthcare.


So I ask the question, what are you and I as ordinary South African’s doing to stand up for our health?

We you have experienced loss and how preventable diseases kill, how do we not take a stance.

Government implemented a sugar tax but has that changed our behaviour?

Organic is too expensive and is only accessable to the rich… How is that acceptable?


Are we willing to lay our lives on the line for FAST…CONVENIENT… After the money we were chasing… what are we only left with?