Alkaline Ionised Water Tests - Restore H2o
Jun 12, 2016

Alkaline Ionised Water Tests

These Experiments Prove Alkaline Water Has Better Cell Penetration, Lower Cholesterol, and Is Better at Neutralizing Acidic Buildup in Your Body

Proven penetration

Experiment: Making Tea with Cold Ionized Alkaline Water

Here is a demonstration showing how Chanson ionized alkaline water powerfully penetrates tea and pulls out the flavor and nutrients without heat. We placed one tea bag in a glass of cold tap water and another in a glass of cold Chanson ionized alkaline water.

The difference can be seen immediately – the photographs are shown just after the tea is submerged in the water and stirred.

  • The ionized alkaline water, even in a cold state, produces drinkable tea.
  • The cold tap water could not pull much from the tea. If your water can’t penetrate tea, how well is it penetrating your cells?

Tap Water: The color of the water did not change after the tea was put in.

Ionized Alkaline Water: The pigment of the tea dissolved rapidly after tea is added and the fragrance of the tea can be smelled.

Chanson ionized alkaline water has smaller water clusters, causing the tea molecules to dissipate more quickly. The water molecules quickly penetrate the tea bag the same way they would your cells, hydrating your body more efficiently.

Lower cholesterol

Experiment: Oil In Water

Tap Water: Add peanut oil or sesame oil to a cup of water and gently shake the cup – the oil will float to the surface of the water.

Ionized Alkaline Water: Add peanut oil or sesame oil to a cup of ionized alkaline water and gently shake the cup – the oil will be emulsified in the water.

If it will do that to oil, imagine what it might do to cholesterol. Additionally, the body stores crystalline deposits in joints that create gout, inflammation and stiffness. As our body’s communication channels break down, cancerous cells may appear, and organs can start to degenerate. Ionized alkaline water neutralizes accumulated acid waste (which has low pH) with its alkalinity (the opposite of acid, high pH).

The neutralization helps to restore balance without utilizing energy and valuable minerals that are needed elsewhere. Keeping your body alkaline supports your immune system which is your first line of defense in fighting any sickness or disease.

Ionized alkaline water can revive your produce to its natural state

Chanson ionized alkaline water improves the taste and quality of fruits and vegetables by removing the chemicals and pesticides. Live foods quickly loose their energy after being picked, even organic foods can taste better and have more measurable energy and antioxidant power restored to them by soaking briefly in ionized alkaline water.

Healthy Blood Cells
After drinking ionized alkaline water for 30 days, these blood cells from Ronnie Ruiz (former CEO of Chanson Water® USA) still reveal unhealthy signs. Here we see yeast cells and red blood cells with white spots inside – which is indicative of a diet that is too high in carbohydrates and simple sugars and an acidic imbalance in the body.

We also see some red blood cells that look like bottle caps. This is a more significant indication of latent tissue acidosis at the cellular level, revealing the body’s inability to remove acid waste. Acid builds up, causing cells to eventually break down. This blood is not healthy.


After 18 months of drinking ionized alkaline water on a daily basis, Ronnie’s very healthy blood cells are shown. Please note, it doesn’t take 18 months to make this dramatic change. This was simply the lapse of time between the two tests. Red blood cells are no longer malformed and showing acidic breakdown.

These tests were conducted by Nutritional Microscopist, Mark Pace, who will verify the validity of the results – blood cell restored to healthy after alkaline water