Motivottle - Restore H2o
Oct 2, 2019


MotivOTTLE was started based on the fact that self-talk and self-awareness are the driving force for good mental health.

When we align our mind, body and soul and connect with a higher being (based on your religious belief) we are truly able to fulfil our purpose in life. This was a personal journey of co-founder of Restore H2o, Faheema Ellemdeen-Mahomed.

When you combine Motivational messages to Natural spring bottled water, MotivOTTLE was birthed.  When you look at the beauty of water:

Water is Health.

Water demands Respect.

Water is Courageous.

Water gives Hope.

Water is Love.

Tell us what you would like to see on the labels and we will add your name to our limited range labels.

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