June 5, 2016

Our Why?

In 2014, Faheema’s dad was diagnosed with cancer, in 2015 her brother-in-law was diagnosed as well. This disease makes you realise that there is more to life than just work and this realisation became a reality when both Faheema and Ismail were retrenched in 2016.

Through their vision of starting a business, husband and wife team stumbled (through a friend, colleagues and mentor) onto alkaline ionized water. We were told of the health benefits of drinking the “Right” water and just by drinking water, one could restore their health. Only after having felt the benefits of drink the right water, Restore Health Water (RestoreH20) was founded to try and assist people to attain a better quality of life.

As we started the company, Ismail was diagnosed with cancer. His oncologist advised that he have surgery and start chemotherapy. After the surgery, Faheema who had first-hand experience of how chemo and radiation affects the body because of her dad and brother-in-law’s individual battles, was completely against Ismail going for chemo and radiation. Faheema went on to say, “We had 2 small kids at the time and there is no guarantee that the cancer wouldn’t come back, so i was adamant that Ismail didn’t go for chemo.”  So i changed our diets, cut out the sugars, carbs and fats.

Then, Faheema was introduced to Probiotics through a Hirsch’s Entrepreneurial workshop by Nutritionist Vanessa Krugel in February 2017. She started making the probiotics for Ismail.

In October 2017, after working with Cancer Heroes, Faheema was invited to a talk where Dr Carol Ann-Benn