Branded Bottled Water


  •  High Quality, Full-Colour Printing
  •  No Setup Fees or Plate Charges for Printing
  •  Fast Turn Around Time
  •  Provide your own artwork or have it done for you
  •  BPA Free Bottles
  •  Waterproof and UV Proof Labels
  •  Min Order Quantity 120 Bottles per design
1 - Black
2 - Grey
3 - White
4 - Dark Blue
5 - Light Blue
6 - Dark Green
7 - Lime Green
8 - Pink
9 - Purple
10 - Orange
11 - Red
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  • No Setup Fees or Plate Charges for Printing
  •  High Quality, Full Colour Printing
  •  Fast Turn Around Time
  •  Provide your own artwork or have it done for you
  •  BPA Free Bottles
  •  Waterproof and UV Proof Labels
  •  Min Order Quantity 120 Bottles per design

4 Benefits of Custom Bottled Water For Your Next Ad Campaign

Are your usual exercises in advertising not working out? Tired of the usual on and offline campaigns? Tv ads just too expensive?

You deserve something more creative that will benefit your customers at the same time. You need branded bottled water because:

  1. It’s cost effective:  Most branded water campaigns could cost just a third of your traditional print mediums. Labels and bottles combined, even with speciality water to boot, is a lot less expensive than spending on tv or radio air time, printing ads or trying to break through in Google. Over and above that, it’s the type of ad that can spread out far beyond its single user, thanks to the fact that…
  2. It is mobile advertising… for free! Most people carry their water bottles with them wherever they go and even reuse them. You have a form of advertising that keeps on going and you don’t have to pay anything for it beyond the initial investment. How many other forms of advertising can match that? It also leaves a lasting impression since you’re able to spread around bottled water from your store or in a number of events. People remember what they kept using to stay hydrated for the entire event.
  3. This form of advertising that lets you give back. Consumers are becoming increasingly health and environmentally conscious. In order to lose weight and be healthy, people are drinking more water, particularly in places like offices and health clubs and also with their food, substituting it for fizzy and artificial drinks. Furthermore, many people are becoming more eco-friendly, meaning they are looking for products that are made from recycled material and can be recycled. By providing branded bottled water made from PET bottles, which are BPA Free and with healthy water inside, you can satisfy both the health and environmental concerns and spread your brand and message around at the same time. Giving back to the community is a great way to ensure that the community will keep coming back to you! If you think of them, they will think of you!
  4. It’s a simple and yet creative way to share your message. The label allows for creativity with a message that is concise, yet effective and is entirely yours. From the water, to the cap colour, to the label, you can create something that represents your business. It’s all yours!

Branded Water is effective, less expensive, fun, and you can be more community minded while you do it. Get your Branded Water now.

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330ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1 Litre, 1.5 Litre

Cap colour

1 – Black, 2 – Grey, 3 – White, 4 – Dark Blue, 5 – Light Blue, 6 – Dark Green, 7 – Lime Green, 8 – Pink, 9 – Purple, 10 – Orange, 11 – Red