South Africa ranked LAST on the list of healthy nations

The average South African diets include “deep fried”, generically modified maize (pap), hormone injected meat and chicken as well as pesticides that are used on fruit and vegetable production.  In addition to fast and convenient food outlets,  in almost every suburb or town across this rainbow nation… Should we be surprised at this recent report? Read more about South Africa ranked LAST on the list of healthy nations[…]

World Cancer Day, 04 February

World cancer day will be celebrated on Monday, 4th February across the globe. Cancer is spreading like the proverbial “Wild Fire” and its staggering to believe that even though this pandemic can be overcome, the numbers continue to climb. Cancer can be beaten and the #IAmIWill campaign by the @worldcancerday org really resonates what we as Restore Health believe Read more about World Cancer Day, 04 February[…]

Branded bottled water – All you need to know in 2019

We all have been exposed or used branded water in the past. Below are the top 6 things you need to consider when ordering your water for your next event, corporate function, wedding or party. 1. Are you getting Tap (Prepared water) or Mineral water? Prepared water bottle companies are popping up all over the Read more about Branded bottled water – All you need to know in 2019[…]

BRANDING and Global Entrepreneurship Week Competition

Global Entrepreneurship week  (12- 16 November) is currently happening and there are thousands of events taking place around the world. As one of our core values is empowerment, we are always willing to help a fellow business’s grow and become sustainable and in living our core value, have partnered with INF-P Design and Print to Read more about BRANDING and Global Entrepreneurship Week Competition[…]

City of Ekurhuleni – Messages of Hope

RESTORE HEALTH – Cancer Awareness Day in Kwa-Thema, 26 October 2018 On Friday, 26 October over 500 people walked from The Shoprite complex to The Bulithando Park in Kwa-Thema, Springs. This initiative was part of the City of Ekurhuleni’s Non communicable diseases campaign with specific emphasis on Cancer Awareness. After the walk the City of Read more about City of Ekurhuleni – Messages of Hope[…]

What’s in your drink?

We’ve all been told that sugar is bad for our health so we opt for alternatives. Aspartame is one of those alternatives found in diets drinks all around the world. Watch the video below on the combination of Aspartame and caffeine and its affects on the human body. So we are encouraging people to read Read more about What’s in your drink?[…]

Fermented foods improve gut health

A Professor in the Department of Nutrition at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, David Ludwig, explained that fermented foods, e.g. Korean pickled vegetables called kimchi, deliver healthy probiotics and recommended that consumers choose products that are naturally fermented. Naturally fermented foods are getting a lot of attention from health experts these days because they may help strengthen Read more about Fermented foods improve gut health[…]

Does employee wellness matter?

Does employee wellness matter? Employees spend between 40 – 60 hours a week at work. Some, take their tea and lunch breaks but others opt to eat at their desks. As time seems to fly by, we are left grabbing a quick meal or snack so that we can meet our deadlines. This Corporate Wellness Read more about Does employee wellness matter?[…]

How important is hydration?

How important is hydration and what does water do in or for your body? 75% of our brains are made up of water – no one should ever call you an airhead again. Regulates your body temperature – water keeps you cool and warm. 83% of your blood is made up of water – make sure you are Read more about How important is hydration?[…]