The truth about antacids

Antacids are the number 1 selling over-the-counter medication, and the 4th most prescribed prescription drug in the world today. They provide a quick fix for common digestive problems like heartburn, acid reflux, bloating, and gas pain which are caused by excess acid in your system. The science of it? The reason that most antacid brands Read more about The truth about antacids[…]

Add These Top 10 Alkaline Foods to Your Diet

Top 10 alkaline foods: A healthy diet should consist of 80% alkaline foods and 20% acidic foods.   1.  Lemons – 9.0 pH, It’s a citrus fruit. Inside the body however, when lemon juice has been fully metabolized and its minerals are dissociated in the bloodstream, its effect is alkalizing and therefore raises the pH Read more about Add These Top 10 Alkaline Foods to Your Diet[…]